From Our Inbox...

Dear Rabbi Krinsky,
I am writing on behalf of my mother, Grace, to thank you for your visit to my father, Larry, at the Beth Israel Glover last week. You gave my father a blessing and then asked him if he had had a Bar Mitzvah. When he said he hadn't you then helped him through the Hebrew and he was a Bar Mitzvah at age 92!

Sadly, my father died on December 30 due to cardiac arrest and pneumonia.

Thank you for making one of his last acts so meaningful. Please accept this contribution for Chabad.

Marilyn B.

Dear Rabbi Mendy Krinsky,
Enclosed is our check for $18.00. We enjoy and use your calendar daily. Thank you for sending it to us. The programs and services for the Jewish community are innovative and necessary. Best wishes to you and your family. 

Sid & Sheila

Dear Rabbi Mendy & Chanie,
Thank you so much for a wonderful Shabbos. Your warmth touched us in a very special way. We hope you have continued success in all your endeavors.
All the best!

David & Stacey & family

Dear Chanie,
Thank you for teaching me for 4 years. I will NEVER forget what I have learned at Chabad. 

Thank you again.

Dear Chanie,
You were a great teacher for the past 4 years. I learned a lot from you. I actually think Hebrew is fun. I will miss you next year. 


Dear Rabbi,
Many thanks for all the great things you do for the Needham Jewish community and surrounding area. Keep up the great work! 

Louis & Patti

Dear Rabbi Krinsky & Chanie,
It has been wonderful getting to know you. We all enjoyed celebrating together in the Sukkah. Our son really connected with you, Rabbi, chatting online and we hope you both chat further in the future. Chanie, I look forward to seeing you at the next Women’s Circle.

O & R

Dear Chanie,
I want to thank you for teaching me about Taharat HaMishpacha. Thank you for your tremendous patience & kindness. We both truly appreciate all the work you do. We have a lot to learn but we are happy to be learning from you & Rabbi.