Hands-on Educational Activities

The following workshops are available for schools or groups upon request. These and other workshops and arts & crafts are part of our various children’s programs.

The Olive Oil Workshop is a hands on exhibit that illustrates with the help of volunteers from the audience, the process that was used to produce pure olive oil for the Temple Menorah in the Chanukah story. The children squeeze fresh olives producing their very own olive oil just like in the days of the Maccabees, all the while participating in a fun interactive discussion of the great miracle that happened there. The presentation is intriguing and informative and concludes by using the fresh olive oil to light the Menorah.

The Shofar Factory is a meaningful & enjoyable learning experience for the whole family; Children craft a beautiful Shofar from a genuine Ram’s Horn, and learn the entire process from the cleaning to the final polishing. They gain new insights into the significance of the Shofar and the holiday of Rosh Hashana.

The Model Matzah Bakery is the ultimate hands-on, Passover educational tool! The exhibit recreates a functional model of the hand-made Matzah factories used by Jews for thousands of years. The children “relive” the exodus from Egypt as they pound out their very own Matzah. Beginning with a sheave of wheat, they experience the hustle and bustle as they hurry to beat the timer to ensure that crunchy finished product is completed within 18 minutes! The delightful presentation creates an exciting interactive environment where the children have a great time learning about their heritage and the tradition of Matzah.

The Torah Factory - This hands-on workshop is about the ancient art of biblical calligraphy and scroll making, skilled craftsmen will show the participants the basic elements of producing klaf (parchment), making scribe’s ink, and fashioning quills. Children then have the thrill of writing the ancient Hebrew letters with their own quills - on the hand-made parchment and creating their own take-home souvenirs.