Shabbos and Holiday Celebrations

Join young and old in celebrating Shabbos and various holidays throughout the year. Experience the full spectrum of our rich Jewish heritage through our fun and innovative programs. To receive e-mails about upcoming events please join our list by clicking here.

Shabbat Dinners - Experience the Joy and beauty of Shabbat in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Enjoy a traditional Shabbat dinner with all the trimmings -gefilte fish, chicken soup, Shabbat songs and food for thought that warm the heart.

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur – see Your Friendly Shul

Sukkot - is celebrated by a “Dinner under the stars” at the Chabad community Sukkah. The beautiful mitzvah of blessing the four kinds (Lulav and Etrog etc.) is brought to area homes and business to give everyone an opportunity to do the mitzvah.

Simchat Torah - is celebrated with joyous dancing after a wonderful buffet Kiddush. Kids enjoy dancing with stuffed Torahs and flags.

Chanukah – A public menorah lighting ceremony is held each year on the town common in Needham attended by hundreds of people. The event features live music, dancing and refreshments. A Menorah is displayed inside the town hall during all eight days of the holiday.

Purim – Our annual Purim event is themed to relate to a particular country or topic. In the past we have celebrated Purim in the Shtetl, Purim in Israel, Purim in Peking and Purim USA. The event features a full gourmet dinner, l’chaims, a dj or live music and spirited dancing.

Passover – In preparation for Passover special hand made Shmurah matzah is made available to the entire community. Our public Seders are well attended and enjoyed by all those who participate. The Passover festivities conclude with a special meal called the feast of Moshiach.

Lag B’omer – This unique holiday is celebrated by outdoor activities and a barbeque. Whether it’s through archery, pony rides, kite flying or a bonfire, this is a fun day for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves, while having a great Jewish experience.

Shavuot – Our annual Shavuot dairy dinner and Ice Cream Party begins with a special reading of the Ten Commandments. As adults enjoy the dairy buffet and cheese cake table the kids enjoy kid friendly food and a variety of ice cream!

Check your email or this website for dates and times of upcoming celebrations.